Creating porn with the help of Easy Diffusion

After playing along with several providers like and others, I thought I could create my stuff locally. It was pretty easy to set it up, but generating filthy stuff that also looks good took me a while. You can see some good examples in my first gallery of own stuff.

So I am giving some good tips and also show you some of the results.

First I had to get the right tool for creating AI images. Stable Diffusion is here the best option, I would guess. For a windows box you can easily install it by using the EasyDiffusion software kit.

Easy diffusion comes with the standard SD (Stable Diffusion) 1.5 model. Those Models contain the training data for the AI. SD 1.5 was trained with a lot of pictures containing also porn and erotic pictures. The newer version SD 2.0 excluded those nsfw pictures, so they could not be used for my purpose.

Anyhow I downloaded other models to create more porn like stuff. Currently I am using mostly the model “Uber Realistic Porn Merge” which was trained with a lot of porn pictures.

From then on I could create the first smut pictures based on my filthy fantasy. Here you can find a bigger gallery. I spare you the bad examples.

Sometimes dicks are extremely unrealistic and hands are always a problem, but all in all, it is big fun to play along.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.