Celebrities are always great!

Especially naked or even better in a porn setting. Find out if you can identify them. You can leave a comment, but you can’t win except of experience.

I added two of the most famous models from art history as well. Look if you can find them.

And there is at least one real porn model in the gallery.

Just some galleries of my creations

So after having learned some basics with Text2Image creation and Easy Diffusion I started to create images around some topics. Here are some results.


I played a lot GTA online but missed the real hardcore stuff inside GTA. So I tried to generate GTA porn. See for yourself.

Glamour photos of beautiful girls

For me when I was young Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler were always filled up with stuff that gave me sweaty palms. Now I create such stuff directly on my own computer.

Famous people

I guess there is a lot of fake porn out there after this text2img tools are widely available. Here is my part of it.

Oktoberfest or something similar

Seems that I am obsessed with Dirndls and some big tits.

Super Girl

What is her super power?

Medieval setting

This is still work in progress. I would like to work more on it. A princess in a castle and a knight that could satisfy the lady…..

More to come. You can also send us your ideas at ai @ donporn.net.

Easy Diffusion and improving my prompt skills

As described in my first post about cooking my own AI porn pictures, I am using Easy Diffusion. To help you I am going more in depths and will give you some useful links.

generated on a standard Linux box with an old 4GB NVidia GPU, took about a minute to create the picture (prompt was : pin-up of a beautiful girl getting missionary anal fucked, legs up, masterpiece, by Haddon Sundblom)

Easy Diffusion is a distribution based on Stable Diffusion offering an easy to use web interface to create AI images on your own machine (could be Windows or Linux). The installation is fairly easy, and the interface to the image creation will be in your web browser that connects locally to a local server.

Standard EasyDiffusion web-ui

First of all you should install the Easy Diffusion package on your machine and learn the basics. To run Easy Diffusion you should have at least a NVidia GPU with 4GB (the more the better and faster). Easy Diffusion can also work with AMD GPUs and even on your standard GPU, but then it becomes very slow.


Models in the AI terminology are not fancy girls posing for you but “a machine learning model which takes an input natural language description and produces an image matching that description” (quoted from Wikipedia). Those models are trained by describing pictures that were uploaded into the engine.

This is the result if you put a porn position and an old Dutch painter together: “painting of a beautiful girl getting missionary anal fucked, legs up, close-up, masterpiece, by Johannes Vermeer”

There are models based on realistic photos, anime, cartoons or even specialized models for gay porn and so on. Easy Diffusion comes with the Stable Diffusion standard model 1.4. Starting with SD version 2.0 the models were not trained on porn / NSFW pictures and cannot used for creating AI porn.

If you want to create decent porn you should first of all change to more explicit models. Check out Civitai for a huge list of different models. I used most of the time Uber Realistic Porn Merge a model that was trained on a lot of porn photos. There are also models that are creating Hentai pictures, CGI-style or cartoon-like images.

You can even create your own models using own pictures. But for now we will go on with the models available at Civitai.


So you got EasyDiffusion installed, found a nice model and now you are ready to do filthy stuff. Then you have to write what’s on your mind and see what will be generated. Writing what’s on your mind is now the next hurdle. In AI terminology the describing texts are called prompts and getting the right prompts is not so easy but fun.

Here is an example prompt: “20 year old (woman with freckles) sitting on bearded man’s lap, ((penis penetrating pussy)), (detailed face), 1man and 1girl close together, wide-angle”

I recommend to check out the prompts from others and try to understand them. I recommend either Civitai or PromptHero to learn prompts from other creators. The above example was taken from Civitai and was generated with the given prompt: 20 year old (woman with freckles) sitting on bearded man’s lap, ((penis penetrating pussy)), (detailed face), 1man and 1girl close together, wide-angle.

And there was also a negative prompt: ((blurry)), duplicate, deformed, makeup, cartoon, animated, render, missing limbs, child, childish, close-up. Negative prompts shoudl describe what you don’t want to see. Those AI models tend to generate extra limbs, deformed hands and so on. And there are a lot of additional configurations that are noted here as well. I am not going into the details, you better learn it from other web-sites.

We can now try the exact same in our local machine and see the result.

Somehow similar, but not the same

From here on we can experiment. i.e changing the prompts and negative prompts. For example replace 20 year old by 30 or even try the same with a blonde MILF.

I changed the seed and also the model using DreamShaper, quite a look

If you like you can send us your results to ai @ donporn.net.

Creating porn with the help of Easy Diffusion

After playing along with several providers like Pornderful.ai and others, I thought I could create my stuff locally. It was pretty easy to set it up, but generating filthy stuff that also looks good took me a while. You can see some good examples in my first gallery of own stuff.

So I am giving some good tips and also show you some of the results.

First I had to get the right tool for creating AI images. Stable Diffusion is here the best option, I would guess. For a windows box you can easily install it by using the EasyDiffusion software kit.

Easy diffusion comes with the standard SD (Stable Diffusion) 1.5 model. Those Models contain the training data for the AI. SD 1.5 was trained with a lot of pictures containing also porn and erotic pictures. The newer version SD 2.0 excluded those nsfw pictures, so they could not be used for my purpose.

Anyhow I downloaded other models to create more porn like stuff. Currently I am using mostly the model “Uber Realistic Porn Merge” which was trained with a lot of porn pictures.

From then on I could create the first smut pictures based on my filthy fantasy. Here you can find a bigger gallery. I spare you the bad examples.

Sometimes dicks are extremely unrealistic and hands are always a problem, but all in all, it is big fun to play along.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.